1. Activation fee is non-refundable.

2. In circumstances where the Appointee feels unsafe in the work environment is harmed or mistreated in any way by the Client the engagement is terminated immediately with no refund given.


4. Where the Client cancels the Appointee’s placement within seven (7) days of the start date the full placement fee remains payable to Safekeeping CQ.

5. Where the Client cancels the Appointee’s placement within twenty four (24) hours of the start date the Client shall pay to the Appointee a minimum of two (2) hours wages at the agreed remuneration rate.

6. Where the Appointee cancels the placement or is a no show a replacement Appointee will be provided at no charge. If this is not possible a full refund will be given to the Client. Safekeeping CQ bears no responsibility for cancellations or no shows.


7. Where the Client cancels the engagement prior to the start date 50% of Safekeeping CQ’s invoice fees remain payable.

8. Where an Appointee withdraws prior to the start date, Safekeeping CQ will endeavour to provide a replacement Appointee within the required timeframe. If no replacement is found a full refund (excluding the activation fee) will be given. Should the Client elect not to engage a replacement Appointee a refund of 50% of the total invoice fee will remain payable to Safekeeping CQ.

9. Upon commencement of engagement for services by the Client of the Appointee fees are non-refundable by Safe Keeping CQ.

10. If the Appointee withdraws from employment during the first four (4) weeks from the start date without reasonable cause Safekeeping CQ will offer up to three (3) other Appointee profiles at no charge. These Appointee profiles will be sourced from Applications received from the original job advertisements. A period of 4-6 weeks must be allowed for this process. Should the Client decline to engage a replacement Appointee a 20% refund of the placement fee will be given provided it is within the first four (4) weeks of the engagement period.

11. In circumstances where the Client finds the Appointee unsuitable within the first four (4) weeks of placement, Safekeeping CQ will provide a replacement at no cost to the client without refund of agency fees. Safekeeping CQ will determine in its sole discretion if the Client’s actions are reasonable.

12. The four (4) week replacement guarantee will not apply in circumstances where the Appointee has terminated its services with the Client on grounds where there are poor work conditions, a change of job description or change of duties to be provided, a change of location where services are to be provided or a change of the agreed remuneration pay rate.

13. No replacement or any refund will be made available to the Client once the four (4) week guarantee period has elapsed.

14. For temporary positions of less than three (3) months the four (4) weeks replacement guarantee does not apply.