Resources for Families

This section includes important, helpful information on childcare benefits, insurance and more.

Helpful Tip

You’ll find all of the below information and more in your ACTIVATION PACK

Childcare Benefits

You may be eligible for a Child Care Benefit if your Nanny applies to be (or is already approved as) a registered carer. For more information on registered carers or for an application form for your Nanny, please visit the Australian Government’s Department of Human Services website.


We advise checking your household insurance policy to ensure you are covered for employees living and working in your home. At Safekeeping CQ, we recommend you take out a ‘household workers insurance’ policy. For more information on this policy, please visit the Queensland Government’s Work Safe website.

If your nanny/au pair/carer is going to be using your personal vehicle on a regular basis, then you may also want to add them as a nominated driver on your own car insurance.


Sittertrain offers a 6-hour online course specifically designed for au pairs, nannies and sitters. It includes learning topics such as First Aid and how to handle an emergency, Indoor & Outdoor Child Safety, Basic Childcare Skills: holding, feeding, changing, hygiene etc, Understanding Children: development, behaviour management, activities for all ages plus more!  The course also prepares au pairs and live-in nannies for living with another family.

You may like to arrange for your chosen au pair or nanny to obtain this certificate (at either your or their expense). In some cases, our candidates will already have completed this course.

Please note: this course is not mandatory for candidates, but it is highly recommended.


To help take the hassle out of the technical and payroll aspects of employing a nanny/carer, we have included the details of payroll providers who can take care of all aspects of payroll for you or simply assist you in setting it up.

We recommend Domestic Payroll for all nanny and au pair positions. Speak with the lovely Ainslie (let her know that Safekeeping CQ has referred you!) and she will be able to take care of all your payroll needs and answer any questions you may have. Ask Ainslie about the different packages she has to offer.

For Home and Community Care (non-medical) positions, we recommend E-Payroll.  (This service is also suitable for Nanny and Au pair positions.)