Crèche/Kids Clubs

Crèches and Kids Clubs are perfect for people running caravan parks and other holiday accommodation or for shopping centres and gyms (and many other businesses): knowing their children will be cared for while they take some time to themselves will give parents peace of mind, helping to attract more families to your services.


Please contact us to find out more or discuss your unique needs.

Crèches and Kids Clubs give parents time to kick back and relax, or hit the gym or the shops. If you are looking to employ a professional childcare worker (or several workers) for a crèche or kids club position at your service, give us a call to discuss your specific situation and insurance requirements so that we can find the right nanny or nannies for your business.


  • Full-time
  • Scope: 31 + hours per week
  • Activation fee: $200
  • Placement fee: $800
  • TOTAL FEE: $1000
  • Part-time
  • Scope: 30 hours or less per week
  • Activation fee: $200
  • Placement fee: $650
  • TOTAL FEE: $850

If more than one worker is required, please contact us to discuss prices. If qualifications are required + $100 to the above “total fee”.

Note: The activation fee is non-refundable.
Processing fees apply for Visa & Mastercard, Amex, Diners & Debit transactions.

Our guarantee to you:

In the first 4 weeks after your nanny/carer starts working for your family, if things don’t work out as expected, you are entitled to ONE free replacement (where we place a new nanny/carer with you). Click here to read our “Refunds and Cancellations Policy” for further details.  Please note that the replacement period does not apply to temp placements or any placements lasting 3 months or less.


At Safekeeping CQ we aim to offer only Nannies with previous experience working with children. However, this does not mean they are qualified. Please advise us if your Nanny is required to hold relevant qualifications prior to advertising.

Safekeeping CQ does NOT recommend sole charge of children under 2 years old be carried out by someone without a relevant qualification or minimum 6 months paid experience with children under 2 within a care setting. This is up to the families and Safe Keeping CQ will not be held responsible for your decision.

Ideally, we require 4-6 weeks to find and finalise placements, though not as much time is generally needed for event sitters. At Safekeeping CQ, we like to be as thorough as possible! If it is an URGENT placement we will try our best to find someone within the time frame given – just let us know your requirements.

Please remember we DO NOT EMPLOY the finalised Nanny/s. We are an introduction/referral agency only.

Temp positions or anything 3 months and under DO NOT include the replacement guarantee.