Nannies and Governesses

A nanny is an experienced childcare professional who will care for your children in your home (either as a live-in carer or travelling to and from your home).

Governesses help children in remote areas who are required to be educated from home (via Distance Education / School of the Air) with their schooling, ensuring they meet educational milestones.


Please contact us to find out more or discuss your unique needs.


Nannies are like another family member, preparing meals, clothing and feeding your children, playing with your children (making sure they are happy and stimulated through structured play activities), taking them to appointments and much more. Nannies often stay with a family for years, forming lasting bonds with you and your children.

Nannies may be eligible to be registered carers and can provide you with receipts to allow you to claim the Child Care Benefit (if you meet the requirements) see our Resources page for more information.

Employing a nanny is of great benefit if your child/children have any special needs as they can receive more one-on-one support.


A Governess’ main responsibility is to supervise and assist children with their daily education and care. This includes supervising the children’s Distance Education, gathering their schoolwork to be mailed and making sure children participate actively in their lessons. While a governess will keep children safe and cared for, they don’t offer the same scope of help as a nanny. Some families hire only a governess and others pair a governess with a nanny to provide both comprehensive childcare AND support with schooling.

For even more ways a nanny can help you, see Mothers Help,  Nanny Share and  Before and After School Care below.


  • Live-in Nanny
  • Scope:
  • Activation fee: $200
  • Placement fee: $900
  • TOTAL FEE: $1100
  • Live-in Governess
  • Scope:
  • Activation fee: $200
  • Placement fee: $900
  • TOTAL FEE: $1100
  • Full-time Nanny*
  • Scope:
    31 + hours per week
  • Activation fee: $200
  • Placement fee: $800
  • TOTAL FEE: $1000
  • Part-time Nanny*
  • Scope:
    30 hours or less per week
  • Activation fee: $200
  • Placement fee: $650
  • TOTAL FEE: $850
  • Temp Nanny*
  • Scope:
    Up to 3-month placement
  • Activation fee: $200
  • Placement fee: $400
  • TOTAL FEE: $600

If Nanny qualifications are required  + $100 to the above “total fee”.

Note: The activation fee is non-refundable.
Processing fees apply for Visa & Mastercard, Amex, Diners & Debit transactions.

Our guarantee to you:

In the first 4 weeks after your nanny/carer starts working for your family, if things don’t work out as expected, you are entitled to ONE free replacement (where we place a new nanny/carer with you). Click here to read our “Refunds and Cancellations Policy” for further details.  Please note that the replacement period does not apply to temp placements or any placements lasting 3 months or less.

Mothers Help

Mothers Help is the perfect service for mums and dads (or carers) who need someone to work alongside them in the home to assist with child minding (ideal for parents who work from home!). Typically Mothers Helpers are experienced babysitters without formal qualifications. (Please refer to full-time and part-time nannies in the price list above)

Before and After School Care

This service helps parents who need their children cared for before and after school hours. This can help you get off to work more quickly as your nanny can get the kids ready for school and do school drop offs and pickups. A nanny can also help your kids with their schoolwork, attend school sports, help them get to medical appointments and can even help with their dinner. (Please refer to full-time and part-time nannies in the price list above)

Nanny Share

Nanny Share gives you all the benefits of an experienced or qualified nanny, while letting you reduce your childcare costs (by sharing the costs with another family). Your shared nanny can care for your children at one of your houses or alternate between both. A Nanny Share arrangement is ideal for parents who have similar work schedules, similar expectations of their nanny, and who can’t afford the sole cost of a nanny.  (Please refer to full-time and part-time nannies in the price list above, but remember that if you are sharing your nanny, you will likely be able to share the fee with another family, too.)


At Safekeeping CQ we aim to offer only Nannies with previous experience working with children. However, this does not mean they are qualified. Please advise us if your Nanny is required to hold relevant qualifications prior to advertising.

Safekeeping CQ does NOT recommend sole charge of children under 2 years old be carried out by someone without a relevant qualification or minimum 6 months paid experience with children under 2 within a care setting. This is up to the families and Safekeeping CQ will not be held responsible for your decision.

Ideally, we require 4-6 weeks to find and finalise placements. At Safekeeping CQ, we like to be as thorough as possible! If it is an URGENT placement we will try our best to find someone within the time frame given – just let us know your requirements.

Please remember we DO NOT EMPLOY your Nanny/s or Governess/s: we are an introduction/referral agency only.

To employ a Live-In Nanny, you must provide:

  • Full board for your Nanny in their own furnished private bedroom
  • All meals
  • Approximately 1.5 to 2 days off per week (these do not have to be consecutive days but one day must be a weekend day unless otherwise agreed)
  • Guaranteed accommodation and meet the above conditions: E.g. if the family goes on holidays and chooses not to take their Live-In Nanny with them, live-in Nannies are still entitled to their wage and must be able to stay in the family’s house.
  • Criminal history checks for all adults that are residing in the household prior to placement to ensure the safety of the Live-In employee.

Temp positions or anything 3 months and under DO NOT include the replacement guarantee.